How to Get Naturally Beautiful Nails?

Naturally Beautiful nails present the beauty of your hands and feet as well. Beautiful personality means the overall beauty of your appearance. Apparently looking beautiful is what everyone wants these days. A beautiful look gives you confidence to talk to anyone, to achieve your goals and to move ahead in your career successfully. So, if you want that confidence you must need to groom yourself first along with your intelligence level. If you are more intelligent but you don’t have that confidence which is required, you can never get that success point. In this manner you must need to work on your appearance as well as your IQ and intelligence level. A good and attractive personality is a first step towards success. Your way of talking, way of dressing, like selection of colors which you are going to wear, plays an important role in your appearance to look beautiful. But apart from these, your hygiene is most important thing. In which you can count your neat hairs, fresh fragrances, your clean teeth and also the cleanliness of your nails of hands and feet as well. In this content we will deeply discuss about the cleanliness of hands and feet. We will also talk about the nails. How we can clean our nails and how we can make them beautiful and full of attraction. Naturally Beautiful nails enhance the beauty of hands and feet. If your nails are well shaped and beautiful, automatically your hands will look beautiful. Here are some tips how can we make our nails beautiful.

  1. Apply
  2. Take Care of your cuticles.
  3. Avoid using harsh nail paints.
  4. Search for
  5. Buff instead of colou
  6. Choose a standard
  7. Make a natural nail-strengthening treatment.
  8. Add Biotin to your daily diet
  9. Stay hydrated.
  10. Avoid Soaking your nails in water.
  11. Keep Your Nails short.

Apply Moisturizers for Naturally Beautiful Nails

To get naturally beautiful nails you should never ignore the moisturizers. So, while rubbing your hands and feet with a lotion or cream to keep your skin healthy, soft and moisturize, don’t forget to rub your nails also. It will moisturize them too. Otherwise, your will get dry nails and marks will appear on it. Like your skin always try to moisturize your nails after every wash. Coconut oil is best for rubbing your nails and cuticles if you want to get naturally beautiful nails.

Take Care of Your Cuticles for Naturally Beautiful Nails

During a manicure your nails are trimmed. Avoid trimming your cuticles while taking a manicure. Cuticles are meant for protecting from bacteria and any type of infection. If the cuticles are cut, it will cause painful bacterial infection and will hurt a lot. Always use cuticle pusher to avoid to cut down the cuticles and only cut down the dead skin. It will help you to get naturally beautiful nails.

For Naturally Beautiful Nails, Avoid Using Harsh Nail paints

Nail paints normally contains different types of very toxic chemicals such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl and diethyl phthalates, camphor, and formaldehyde. Still there are some companies which do not use these chemicals in their products. To get naturally beautiful nails always try to read label before purchasing this type of products which can cause any harmful effects on your skin. Try to use water-based nail paints. It may not last for long, but still, it is a good choice.

Search for Alternative Nail Paints

In order to have naturally beautiful nails we normally apply nail paints to look them beautiful. Nail paints include toxic chemicals which are not good for the skin and for the cuticles and texture of the nails as well. To save your nails and cuticles, search for alternatives. There are some companies which produce non-toxic nail paints. Prefer these nail paints. Following brands for non-toxic nail paints.

nail paint

  • Suncoat
  • Acquarella
  • SpaRitual
  • Deborah Lippman
  • Priti
  • No-Miss Nail Care

Buff your Nails Instead of Color

Buffing is much better than coloring your nails. Take your time to trim, buff, file and shape your nails on time. It will help you to gain naturally beautiful nails. Buff your nails in one direction. In different directions there will be more chances to damage them.

Choose A Standard Nail Remover

Acetone is not good for nails. It damages them. Mostly it is used in nail removers. So, if you want to save your nails from damaging you must use acetone-free nail remover. There are nail removers available which are made up of soy and corn. These are harmless and do not destroy the beauty of your nails. Hence a standard nail remover may cause you to have naturally beautiful nails.

Make a Natural Nail-Strengthening Treatment

Instead of using market products which contain different chemicals, you should use home remedies. Use of pure and natural products will surely help to glow your skin, strengthen your hair and to have naturally beautiful nails. Very useful remedy for the beautiful nails is here under.

2 tsp castor oil, 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp wheat germ oil. Mix the ingredients well and keep it in air tight bottle. Use a small amount and rub it on your nails very gently. Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes and wipe off. This is a very useful remedy for the natural beautiful nails.

Add Biotin to Your daily Diet for Naturally Beautiful Nails

A balanced diet is essential for the beautiful glowing skin, healthy body, beautiful and strong hair and naturally beautiful nails. Diet has much importance to maintaining beautiful nails. Protein is vital, as are omega-3 fatty acids. having foods containing biotin reduces fragility and selenium prevents whitened nail beds.

Stay Hydrated to Have Naturally Beautiful Nails

Water is life. It is not only necessary to live on Earth but also essential to have a fit and healthy body, glowing skin, strong hair and naturally beautiful nails. So, stay hydrated if you want to have healthy and beautiful shiny nails.

Avoid Soaking Your Nails in Water

Too much of your stay in water can damage your nails. Long time swimming, dish washing and laundry may cause your nails breakable. Your nails will lose their strength if you keep them continuously in water for maximum time. So, avoid soaking your nails in water for so long. If there is some reason you can’t avoid it, then you must wear rubber gloves to prevent the damaging.

Keep your nails short

Longer nails are naturally breakable, specially while doing any work. So, if you love your nails and working on their strength, you must keep them short. Short nails will be stronger and protected. Once your nails are stronger, you can increase their length to your choice.

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